Customize Every Inch Of Your Flagship

Hire our experienced designer to build your boat

Boats aren't just ordinary vehicles. After all, do you paint your car's name across the bumper? If you want the best sailing experience possible, you need a boat you genuinely love. Black Arc Marine designs and builds boats from start to finish and can help you create your dream boat.

Want to build a small riverboat for your weekend fishing trips? Looking for a custom ship big enough to comfortably sail all day with the whole family? No matter what you have in mind, we'll help you design it from bow to stern. Contact us now to get started.

How Our Process Works

Designing a custom boat might sound like a bumpy ride. But you can rest assured that it'll be smooth sailing when you hire Black Arc Marine. Our process is thorough but straightforward:

  • First, we'll discuss the design you want, draw up plans and show you a 3-D model
  • Once you settle on a design, we'll take care of the welding work to build your boat from scratch
  • Then, we'll add the finishing touches you want, from a custom paint job to luxury flooring
We'll communicate with you every step of the way to make sure you'll be satisfied with the final result. Start your journey toward the boat you want when you contact us today.

Choose A Designer With Experience

Building a custom boat is a big investment. Make sure you hire a team that's earned their sea legs. Black Arc Marine has been designing and building boats for over a decade. You can trust our experienced crew to build your ship exactly how you want it. We're also Coast Guard compliant, so you can rest easy knowing your ship will sail.